I am an experienced professional photographer providing various high quality images for publishers and advertisers around the world.

Words that best describe my approach to photography in short are persistence and patience. Rarely I'm satisfied with first photos of certain location or person I take. That's why I keep coming back to same locations untill I'm satisfied with the light conditions and weather. This takes a lot of time, energy and money but I'm not settling for less.

When I'm shooting an area I don't go out just documenting what I saw and then put on my web site photos I'm not satisfied with just to have the quantity. In many tourist monographies, guide books, calendars and postcards too often I see visually illiterate photos with bad or inappropriate light and no composition at all. Not to mention bad post processing skills or complete lack of it. There are too many photos out there that fail to convey best features and look of certain location, architecture or person.

My approach is to dedicate every photo as much time as neccessary by waiting or coming back to locations many times for the right light and by giving it deserved post processing no matter how much time it takes.

I have been shooting for almost 20 years, since the film era, have many experience and all photos on my site are high quality digital. My goal is to make you, whether just an average viewer, experienced publisher, editor or collector, satisfied and inspired by my work. My photos are licensed worldwide in many tourist monographies, guide books, TV presentations, calendars or web portals and are decorating walls in many homes and offices. You can license photos or buy prints directly from me or from my stock bank Alamy.

You can also commission me to shoot real estate and property, corporate anniversaries, celebrations, conferences, symposiums, team building events, gourmet festivals or any other happening. Check out my work under Services link for further informations.

I live in Zagreb, Croatia with my wife Natalia and son Luka and although we travel a lot I am dedicated to photograph and promote amazing National Parks, wild, rural and urban areas, inland and coast, people, culture and tradition of my beautiful country Croatia.