Slovenia -the best kept secret

A view on italian section of Julian Alps from Mangart pass, Slovenia
Recently I added some new photos from Slovenia and Italy to my gallery. It was a short but pleasant trip during autumn colours peak time in October, my favorite time for shooting landscapes. Besides worldwide known locations like lakes Bled or Bohinj that are overphotographed Slovenia is actually undiscovered diamond regarding photography and tourism.

Mirroring dawn

Hopefully it will stay that way but with present massive tourism and following massive uploads of photos, most usualy worthless snapshots, to social media networks or photo portals there is not much hope Slovenia is not going to be overphotographed like Dolomiti or Tuscany in next 10-15 years. Unlike USA, Latin America or Asia where you can still find remote and vast spaces free from hordes of tourists or some photoworkshop groups Europe is not of that luck. Not even Iceland, Norway or remote scottish „Outer Hebrides“ islands. One look on 500px photo portal will show you that in Europe there are only few undiscovered locations which are not overphotographed to oblivion. Some parts of Slovenia are among them.

Peaks of eastern Tyrol, Slovenia/Austria border in Alps seen from Mangart Pass, Slovenia

There certainly are some photos of those unknown slovenian locations on photo portals and social media networks but their amount is not comparable to those from Dolomiti, Lofoten, Tuscany, Iceland, Provance, Hallstatt etc... Well, lucky me living close to those beautiful locations which I've been visiting since my childhood, both during winter and summer and I also served the Army here. Most of this locations are situated in the Alps region but Slovenia has so many amazing and beautiful places that are not part of the Alps.

 Alpenglow, italian section of Julian Alps seen from Mangart pass, Slovenia

It's almost unbeleivable for such a small country to have so many amazing and diverse locations. Slovenia is a genuine tourist and photo paradise and if you are planning to visit do it soon. My favorite locations are mainly situated in the northwestern part, close to the Italian and Austrian border: Mangart mountain, Kranjska Gora, lakes Jasna and Zelenci etc... If you travel further to the west and closer to Italian border you will reach alpic pearl –crystal clear river Soca valley, full of amazing peaks, viewpoints, waterfalls and gorges.

Waterfall Kozjak, Slovenia

Great food and wine, kind hosts, well preserved nature, amazing and diverse landscapes and rich history is what you'll find in every corner of this small and stunning country.

Tolmin Gorges, Slovenia