Zagreb city lamplighters

First 364 street lamps in the Zagreb city were lit on October 31, 1863 at 7 PM. Even though during time their number increased after the First World War gas lamps were replaced with electric lamps. Nowdays there are only 241 gas street lamps left and with time they became famous touristic attraction. A couple of years ago with touristic boom of Croatia's capital Zagreb city gaswork directorate came up with an idea to make lamplighters personel a touristic attraction. They bought them uniforms and forbid them to do their job on motorcycles. From then on lamplighters have to light up the whole upper city area by foot which eventualy got them in good shape. Little did they know that lamplighters will become so famous and followed by hordes of tourists just to take a photo with or to light up lamps by themselves with the help of lamplighter's long telescopic stick.

Lamp lighter -famous touristic attraction in city Zagreb, Croatia

Since there are many tourists from Asia which are usualy much smaller then lamplighters and since they want to light up lamps by themselves lamplighters have to lift them up because telescopic stick is a bit short. They are built for lamplighters. With the huge increase of asian tourists lamplighters have their everyday workout routine not only for legs but for hands as well. Don't expect to see Dwayne „The Rock“ Johnson walking around in uniform with the stick but let me tell you these guys are tough even though you wouldn't say at first sight. No rain, wind, snow or cold can stop them. Strong winds may broke some lamps from time to time but thanks to these guys it never happended that lamps were not lighted. So if you run into them somewhere in the Zagreb upper city be sure to take a photo of this guys and their rare and dying profession.